Bachelor of Design Degree

The Bachelor of Design is delivered over six trimesters undertaken at either of Whitehouse Institute’s Sydney or Melbourne campuses. Whitehouse is an industry leader with regard to the amount of face-to-face teaching and learning hours that you receive on campus during your two year Bachelor of Design degree with us.

Students undertake 5 subjects per trimester with subjects divided into 3 specialisations of design focus:

Fashion Design,

Interior Design, or

Creative Direction & Styling.


We proudly deliver an exceptional 1,728* hours over two years and we encourage you to compare.

You won't find another degree like it in Australia.

With very close connections to industry and cultural resources, Whitehouse's approach is always forward-thinking and ambitious. Students undertake a trimester model of study, achieving a Bachelor of Design in just 2 years, allowing students to launch their career in the design industry 1 year earlier than most university graduates. Students can further their qualification by undertaking a Master of Design in just 12 months.