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Bachelor of Design Creative Direction & Styling

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Bachelor of Design, Creative Direction & Styling, is for students who want to pursue a career as a highly skilled stylist with the ability to create new narratives covering both creative and operational strategies in the contemporary fashion, food, interiors and event styling industries.

With recognised top level instruction and learning environments which invite experimentation and exploratory creative practice, our graduates are ready to begin their career as influencers, innovators, stylists and creative directors.

With a passion for style, and a creative mind full of visual ideas, Creative Direction & Styling students learn how to recognise, reinvent and define image for the fashion, events, food and interiors industries.


Bachelor of Design | Creative Direction & Styling

Creative Direction & Styling challenges a students’ ability to work in a multidisciplinary industry. Each study period has a focus on an area of creative direction including; visual merchandising, fashion styling, food styling, editorial and moving image, interior design & styling, event design and management and a signature project. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and experiment in producing a variety of visual outcomes, such as fashion editorials, viral videos, brand image and restyling proposals, digital, interactive and print advertising campaigns, and social media visual contents.

The Creative Direction specialisation is underpinned by core graphic design principles and skills for the styling of people and spaces, photography and the presentation of ideas for magazine and publishing within print and digital formats. Graduates will have professionally developed their personal design philosophy, team leadership skills and the ability to creatively direct unique and innovative design outcomes.


Facilities & Infrastructure

With design-centric campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, Whitehouse students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities within each of their subjects. Exclusive access to digital resources, a comprehensive library and an international industry guest-lecture series ensures that students have extensive research support.

The Whitehouse environment is collaborative, supportive and encouraging. Check out our campuses here.


George Mulholland |
Student Story

“ When I started, all I wanted to do was make cool stuff. Studying here has made me realise it is beyond that- now I would evaluate the progression of my work by if or how it touches people. If you can actually prompt a genuine human emotion rather than just making stuff, that’s success. ”

Graduate Outcomes

The analysis of style brings shape, reality and energy into the visual space – the material ‘reality’ of image making. Participants learn how to create an immediately identifiable and recognisable style in order to produce and develop live photo shoots, managing the team involved in the process of photography, image editing, set construction, still life and moving image, lighting, direction, and choices in make-up, hair and accessories. They are encouraged to decode stereotypes and to think about image positioning from a different perspective in order to discover their own unique personal creative voice.


Greg Dennis | Design Lecturer

“ Creative Direction & Styling is a unique course, we really allow you to find your creative calling by exploring multiple facets of the creative industry including; fashion, interiors, events and magazines. ”