Fashion Design

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2 Years Full-time 

Sydney + Melbourne + Brisbane

One-to-One Design Support

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FEE - HELP Approved

Starting Online: 14 June 2022

Centring on innovative and conceptual design, Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design, offers comprehensive design education for ambitious individuals looking for a rewarding career within the fashion design industry.

Our philosophy is to create a learning environment in which innovation and originality are nurtured within the full spectrum of fashion design and marketing practice.

We aim to produce versatile fashion design specialists, able to solve problems creatively while drawing on a deep knowledge of their chosen fields and a critical understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors influencing their professional environment.

Fashion Design and Styling by Bachelor of Design Student:
Chelsea Woodlands MitchellPhotographer: Caitlin Stubberfield / Model: Arman Matirossian

Just some of the industry partners our students & alumni have had opportunities with:

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Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design, is for students who want to pursue careers as innovative designers. It sets out to deliver a clear understanding and experience of generating, developing and realising a variety of creative womenswear, menswear and accessory  design to a professional standard.

Students are encouraged to develop their personal design vision within the context of an existing and expanding fashion market, incorporating both classic and innovative design concepts. The diversity of the fashion industry is conveyed through a varied curriculum, targeted projects and the guidance of established and visiting lecturers who are specialists in this sector. 

Essential skills you will learn include: design research methods, flat pattern cutting, modelling on the stand, garment construction, tailoring processes and finishing, technical specification, illustration and presentation, textile exploration, print making, marketing & branding.

We proudly deliver an exceptional 1,728* hours over two years and we encourage you to compare.

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