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Fashion Design

Centring on innovative and conceptual design, Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design, offers comprehensive design education for ambitious individuals looking for a specialist career within the fashion design industry. 

Our philosophy is to create a learning environment in which innovation and originality are nurtured within the full spectrum of fashion design and marketing practice.

We aim to produce versatile fashion specialists, able to solve problems creatively while drawing on a deep knowledge of their chosen fields and a critical understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors influencing their professional environment.


Bachelor of Design | Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design, is for students who want to pursue careers as innovative designers. It sets out to deliver a clear understanding and experience of generating, developing and realising a variety of creative womenswear, menswear and accessory ideas to a professional standard.

Students are encouraged to develop their personal design vision within the context of an existing and expanding national and international fashion market, that incorporates both classic and innovative design concepts. Throughout the course, the focus is on achieving the professionalism, innovation and creativity to develop and realise your design ideas. Essential skills you will learn include design research methods, flat pattern cutting, modelling on the stand, garment construction, tailoring processes and finishing, technical specification, illustration and presentation, textile exploration, print making, marketing & branding.


Facilities & Infrastructure

With design-centric campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, Whitehouse students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities within each of their subjects. Exclusive access to digital resources, a comprehensive library and an international industry guest-lecture series ensures that students have extensive research support.

The Whitehouse environment is collaborative, supportive and encouraging. Check out our campuses here.


Lawrence Gatt | Student Story

“ The emphasis the faculty puts on conceptual thinking makes the work we produce way more interesting. My practical skill-building is supported by the examination of both the fashion industry as a business and also it’s historical and cultural context. I feel prepared for the industry both creatively and practically. ”

Graduate Outcomes

The Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design, prepares students to meet the highest requirements of the fashion industry and articulate their own unique vision through the collections they design and make.

Emphasizing conceptual rigor matched by strong artistic and technical skills, the course guides students through each stage of the design process—from concept sketches to technically executed wearables.

Whitehouse engages the full spectrum of fashion design and marketing practice, competitively positioning graduates both academically and professionally.

Fashion Design students are encouraged to experiment with new approaches for an industry that is evolving, including the use of renewable and sustainable fabrications, innovative materials and new technologies, building a compelling individual style and nurturing creative and professional abilities.


Richard McCoy | Fashion Design Lecturer

“ Fashion Design at Whitehouse is a rich interdisciplinary studio-based program- founded on creative practice, embedded with a rigorous approach to traditional make and craftsmanship. This method fully activates students to explore and delve into the dressing of the human body as an expression and a business. Ultimately enabling each student to find their unique creative voice. ”