Interior Design

Bachelor of Design Degree

2 Years Full-time

Sydney + Melbourne + Brisbane

FEE-HELP Approved

Small Class Sizes

One-to-One Design Support

Commencing: 21 February 2023

The Whitehouse Bachelor of Design specialising in Interior Design, is the only degree of its kind in Australia to incorporate residential, commercial, and industrial design into a single two-year accelerated degree. As the world rapidly changes, Whitehouse has responded to industry employers by offering an industry leading interior design degree that equips graduates with essential design skills that can be adapted to a multitude of interior design roles and careers.

Key areas of study include residential interior design, furniture and installation design, retail interior design, community landscape design and commercial office interior design. All areas of learning are underpinned by the design formula of elements and principles of design as well as an intensive immersion into materials research and exploration. Interior Design looks not only at the application of surface materials but more fully at understanding the design of usable spaces that enhance lifestyle.

Interior Design CAD Work by Laura Rodgers, Interior Design Student.

Just some of the industry partners our students & alumni have had opportunities with:

Interior Accelerate Your Design Degree

Interior Design

The Bachelor of Design, Interior Design, prepares students to thoughtfully examine the increasingly complex issues associated with designing, building and transforming interiors, structures & objects.

In the studio, students use digital and manual means to research and recommend design alterations and renovations that give existing buildings new life. Whether working in the field, the CAD Lab, the Model Shop or on their own laptops in studio, students are challenged to think critically and develop self-reliant design solutions and processes.

With a large focus on sustainable and responsible design, students are encouraged to experiment with a wide range of materials and approaches. Complemented by the study of perspective drawing, history, theory, ecology, cultural geography, plants and technology, students investigate some of the most important questions facing designers today.

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