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Student Life

Whitehouse is home to a creative community with diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds. Located in the heart of Melbourne and Sydney, close to transport hubs and vibrant social centres, we offer a unique and inspiring environment for design education.


Campus Locations

Whitehouse campuses are located in Melbourne and Sydney, close to transport hubs and vibrant social centres. Both campuses are design-centric, offering students innovative facilities and resources. In Melbourne CBD, the Old Mail Exchange building has design elegance, historic features and a rooftop terrace with views of the city skyline. In Sydney, the six-storey building offers students an industrial-meets-contemporary learning environment in the heart of Surry Hills, amidst designer cafes, galleries and boutiques.


At each campus, students receive exclusive access to digital resources, a comprehensive library and an international industry guest-lecture series.


Studying in easy-access locations across Melbourne and Sydney, Whitehouse students have an extensive choice of nearby locations to choose from when choosing their living accommodation and home. Whitehouse can advise students on how to seek a flat share, student accommodation or near-by lodging.


Students come to Whitehouse from across Australia and more than 20 countries around the world, bringing with them a wide range of perspectives and experiences. This breadth of cultural diversity enriches and inspires our creative community.


Isabella Raco | Student Story

“ The comradery and friendships that I have formed through mutual creative challenges will stay with me forever. I feel like I am growing everyday through my studies - faculty guidance, resources and by working with my peers. The buzz on campus is exciting, the central location is close to great museums and galleries, bars and cafes. I definitely think I made the right choice. ”

Brendan Wright | Student Story

“ The feedback I have received while at Whitehouse has been my most affirming experience. There has always been a genuine dialogue in regards to my work from my lecturers. Sometimes it’s not easy to hear, but it’s always beneficial. ”