Student Life

Whitehouse is home to a creative community with diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds.

Located in the heart of Melbourne and Sydney, close to transport hubs and vibrant social centres, we offer a unique and inspiring environment for design education.

Finding a healthy balance between work and play, Whitehouse students inspire each other to push their own creative limits. Between focused design studio time and hands-on workshop classes, the courses also promote a broad exploration of the enormous opportunities the Whitehouse community affords, allowing students to become fully immersed in creative exchange. Students are encouraged inside and outside of the classroom to gain new perspectives and opportunities available through the Whitehouse connected community.


Facilities & Resources

Whitehouse students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities within each of their subjects, including:

  • exclusive access to digital resources,
  • online trend-forecasting services,
  • a specialist design library,
  • student rooftop garden,
  • fully-equipped photography studio,
  • student kitchen and hub areas,
  • Mac labs,
  • technical rooms with industrial sewing machines.


Students come to Whitehouse from across Australia and more than 20 countries around the world, bringing with them a wide range of perspectives and experiences. This breadth of cultural diversity enriches and inspires our creative community. Our small class sizes allow for students to create close and life-long friendships while they study at Whitehouse.



Creative Direction & Styling Student

Melbourne Campus

The small class sizes have really benefited me. It allows me to have more one on one time with my teachers and really focus on the skills I want to progress in. It has also made it much easier to make an amazing set of friends. Everyone is so close and it has made my uni experience 100% better. 

Campus Locations

Whitehouse campuses are located in Melbourne and Sydney, close to transport hubs and vibrant social centres. Both campuses are design-centric, offering students innovative facilities and resources. In Melbourne CBD, the Old Mail Exchange building has design elegance, historic features and a rooftop terrace with views of the city skyline. In Sydney, the six-storey building offers students an industrial-meets-contemporary learning environment in the heart of Surry Hills, amidst designer cafes, galleries and boutiques.


Both Melbourne and Sydney have extensive choice of nearby flat shares, student accommodation or near-by lodging to choose from. Whitehouse can help advise students where and how to look for their living accommodation and home before their studies commence.