The Whitehouse Difference



Industry Connections

Whitehouse is part of a worldwide creative community. Our students and graduates have access to exclusive national and international industry opportunities, as well as regular in-house guest lectures and competitions. We offer students an exclusive insight into the inner-workings of the design industry through well-regarded Australian and international design professionals and their depth of knowledge across a range of creative fields. 


1,728 Face-to-Face Hours*

Students undertake a trimester model of study, achieving a Bachelor of Design in just 2 years, allowing students to launch their career in the design industry 1 year earlier than most university graduates. Students can further their qualification by undertaking a Master of Design in 12 months. We proudly deliver an exceptional 1,728* hours of face-to-face teaching over two years and we encourage you to compare. You won't find another degree like it in Australia.


Global Thinking

Led by a faculty of industry professionals, students develop a conceptual and practical foundation to their practice as well as a relevant industry perspective and a pre-established network. We open our doors and share our work with designers around the world, to challenge current thinking in the design industries and expand practice. Whitehouse students are innovative thinkers, who have the capability to introduce innovative, sustainable and experimental designs into today’s global industry.



Small Class Sizes

Students benefit from small class sizes in many ways. A small class size allows students to absorb more, while learning faster. Lecturers and students have more one-on-one time, allowing students to receive personalised and in-depth instruction and feedback. Students work closely with their peers, learning how to wok in a team and developing life-long friendships. Learn more about student life here.


Study in one of the top 10 student cities in the world

Located in the heart of Melbourne and Sydney, close to transport hubs and vibrant social centres, we offer a unique and inspiring environment for design education. Melbourne has been named Australia’s top ranked student city – third best in the world an