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Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715)

Our VET students are curious, creative thinkers who come to Whitehouse from all over the country. They challenge and inspire each other while learning from faculty who are practicing artists and designers. Start early and become a part of our unique learning community while you are still in High School.

Join us in Years 10, 11 or 12 to complete your Certificate III, offered in three focus areas of design: Fashion, Interiors and Creative Direction Visualisation.


Certificate III in Design Fundamentals | CUA30715 - VET for Secondary Students

The Certificate III in Design Fundamentals CUA30715 is offered at Whitehouse for VET for Secondary Students. The course enables you to prepare a professionally presented creative portfolio containing responses to a comprehensive range of design briefs. This can be used for gaining competitive access into further creative and design studies.  

Students can choose of one of three focus areas to apply the design fundamentals: Fashion Visualisation, Interior Visualisation or Creative Direction Visualisation.

The Fashion Visualisation focuses on illustration, conceptual design, garment construction and digital design. Students develop the visual and creative skills they need to translate fashion concepts into garments and an industry relevant portfolio.


Facilities & Infrastructure

With design-centric campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, Whitehouse students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities within each of their subjects. Exclusive access to digital resources and a comprehensive library ensures that students have extensive research support.

The Whitehouse environment is collaborative, supportive and encouraging. Check out our campuses here.


Josie Salvato | Student Story

“ Undertaking the VET program in high school was the perfect first step into my education in Design. I gained the relevant skills and knowledge to ensure that there was an easy transition into the Bachelor degree. After completing my Bachelor, I decided to move into the Master of Design program at Whitehouse. Each of these stepping stones has played a vital role in my education  and the future steps I wish to take in my career.”

Graduate Outcomes

Students who successfully complete all Units of Competency will receive the nationally recognised qualification Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715). You will also have a creative portfolio which can be used in a variety of ways including to pursue design studies.

For students in New South Wales, the Certification III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715) will provide 2 units of HSC credit towards Year 11 and 2 units towards Year 12 studies.

For students in Victoria, the Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715) will provide credit towards the VCE and VCAL. For VCE students, these programs will provide credit towards the VCE at Units 3 and 4 level. Schools are asked to verify the amount of credit available for students once VASS enrolments are completed. Where a Units 3 and 4 sequences is available contribution towards the ATAR is subject to VTAC policy.


Bobby Clark | Design Lecturer

“This is the place where students begin to learn how ideas evolve, influence and challenge our assumptions. Where students start to change the way they look and think and therefore the way the rest of us do too! We lay foundation for a future in design by teaching new processes and techniques and urging experimentation with different media. ”