Undergraduate applications and offers for Year 12 students.

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WHITEHOUSE is committed to supporting students who have been presented with challenges over recent years. WHITEHOUSE has been offering early entry programs since 2018, in 2022 we will assess applications based on first semester Year 12 results + some examples of your creative work, for guaranteed entry into WHITEHOUSE for February/March 2023.

Graphic Design by Bachelor of Fashion Design Student: Aaron Hiew


  1. Complete the WHITEHOUSE direct online application (Apply Now Button)
  2. You'll receive an email from student admissions requesting a copy of your Semester 1 Year 12 report, as well as your Semester 1 and 2 Year 11 reports. Additionally you'll need to supply:
      1. Passport or Birth Certificate + Drivers License
      2. Motivational Statement (300 words to why you would like to study at Whitehouse)
  3. WHITEHOUSE admissions will assess your application and high school grades against the minimum entry requirements for the WHITEHOUSE Bachelor of Design degree.
  4. If you meet the entry requirements, you receive an early offer that guarantees entry to WHITEHOUSE conditional on the completion of Year 12 and any other conditions if they are noted.
  5. When you successfully complete Year 12, your offer becomes unconditional and you are officially a WHITEHOUSE design student!