James Greenway

James Greenway


During his graduate year at Whitehouse, James Greenway interned for Iris Van Herpen in Amsterdam, before returning to Melbourne to start his own label, ATELIER HÅRLEM.

Working almost exclusively in latex, Greenway hopes to remove the stigmas associated with the fabric, and make the material more accessible for women who want to be in control of their sexuality.

One of the misconceptions about the material he hopes to eradicate is that ‘latex is artificial’. He explains that latex is actually tapped from a tree and is considered more environmentally friendly than cotton.

Greenway is also in the early stages of developing his own sustainable fabric from symbiotic bacteria cultures. This was the topic of his thesis while studying at Whitheouse, which he discovered while brewing his own Kombucha. He hopes to be able to develop a wearable fabric from the cellulose raft (SCOBY) used in the fermenting process.