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The Bachelor of Design Degree

Welcome to the Bachelor of Design Degree at Whitehouse, a two-year accelerated program that's been crafted just for you! Delivered over six trimesters, you can embark on this journey from any of our campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

At Whitehouse, our speciality lies in curating premium-level content. We believe in making your learning experience exclusive, so you won't find another degree like this in Australia. Designed to cater to all learners, this unique industry-ready degree ensures you are well-equipped for your future.

In our Bachelor of Design program, you have the freedom to choose from one of three specialisations:

  1. Fashion Design - A playground for your imagination and style.
  2. Interior Design - A canvas for your space creation ideas.
  3. Creative Direction & Styling - The arena to shape your creative vision.

Every step in this program is a leap towards your dreams. So, get ready to explore, create and inspire with Whitehouse!