Graduate Certificate of Design

Graduate Certificate of Design

❯❯   12 Week UpSkill Short Course
❯❯   Study Online - 6 TO 8 hrs Per Week
❯❯   Total Tuition Fee $8334

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Image Left: Design by Cinnamon Kingsland

Graduate Certificate of Design


The Graduate Certificate of Design focuses on design thinking and research skills integrated with studio / workshop-based practice to create original and innovative design outcomes for professional work in the creative industries.

More specifically, graduates will:

  • Employ practice led research methodologies with specific frames of reference and contexts for design-oriented projects in the subject RW7 Research Workshop for Design;
  • Explore artefact-based research investigations to inform creative written and designed outcomes in subject MC7 Explorations of Materials Culture, and
  • Create frameworks in design research capability in the subject IG7 Frameworks for Ideas Generation, based on:
    • interdisciplinary investigations of design thinking practices;
    • use of new technologies and materials; and,
    • considerations of community needs and ethically sustainable practices leading to innovative approaches in design solutions.

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Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate of Design is made up of three integrated subjects (or units) of study offered at the Whitehouse Sydney and Melbourne campuses over a single trimester, full-time, face-to-face, online, or mixed mode.

Code Subject Credit points per subject
RW7 Research Workshop for Design 12 Credit Points
MC7 Explorations of Material Culture 12 Credit Points
IG7 Frameworks for Ideas Generation 12 Credit Points


Graduate Attributes

On course completion, graduates will be able to apply high levels of practice-based design research skills, while exploring a variety of techniques, materials, and technologies to create innovative design solutions that are environmentally sustainable and within socially acceptable norms.

Creative Direction & Styling, Photography and Fashion Design by Christopher Wong
Creative Direction & Styling, Photography and Fashion Design by Christopher Wong

Campus Life

Whitehouse campuses occupy prime locations in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne. The campuses are purposed to provide high quality technical and design studio workrooms. Both campuses are situated on over 6,000 sq. meters, and boast modern and facilities, designed specifically to offer a range of contemporary learning and social spaces.

Cultural and Academic Communities

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia intersects with many facets of the design industry with cultural organisations and academic communities. Opportunities are offered to students to engage in academic forums and workplace settings, to participate in industry competitions. Cultural liaisons also contribute to Whitehouse students’ ability to work effectively in our creative communities.