Congratulations Ross McCallum!

2014 Creative Direction & Styling Graduate Ross McCallum has won the Styling section of the inaugural Olympus x GQ Generation of Talent!! Ross and 5 other winners represent the ‘New Breed’ of Australian Creative Talent!

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“It was the highlight of my career so far, and it’s encouraged me to keep working towards becoming a fashion editor at a men’s mag”.

The 6 Winners were flown to Sydney to complete a three day workshop including time at the GQ Headquarters, a series of mentorship sessions with Industry leaders, and an editorial photo shoot the finalists worked on collaboratively!

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Head to to meet Ross and the rest of the winning creatives!

If you would like to find out more about Ross, check out examples of his Styling work at:


Congratulations Samantha Gehrich!

After graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design with a Bachelor of Design in ‪#‎FashionDesign‬ in 2008, Samantha Gehrich has gone on to launch her own label, ‪#‎Gehrich‬!

Frustrated that she couldn’t find a label that would allow her to have hands on experience across all aspects of local manufacturing, pattern making by hand, quality control and design, she made the decision to start her own label and create her own experiences. Her ethos is to make timeless outerwear that can be worn everyday and last season after season.

With a crowd funding campaign underway to engage with consumers on a different platform, they are offering unique experiences for people to get hands on with all things Gehrich! The goal is to engage the existing customer base, fashion lovers and people that share the same vision and raise funds to expand Gehrich globally!

If you believe in Samantha’s vision and would like to support GEHRICH, please click through below!

Congratulations Samantha!


It’s Flashback Friday!!

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia recently caught up with 2012 Fashion Graduate Katherine Justin recently to discuss her creative career since completing her Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia:

Whitehouse was an intense course which prepared me for how demanding and fast paced working in the industry is. I have been working on my company Eleyce Enterprises which is a PR, Styling and Events company for the fashion industry. I am in the midst of bringing on additional team members to look after the new clients I have secured.

I am also now writing for Zipett Magazine as their Fashion Journalist which is exciting! Their first issue is set to be released 1 January 2015 with numerous articles on the industry that I have written.”

For details on Eleyce Enterprises, you can view Katherine’s website here:

For information about Zipett Magazine, please click the below link:

You can also view Katherine’s incredible styling work on her website at:

Well done on your incredible achievements Katherine! We wish you all the best!


Elise Convery’s Gold Medal Winning Room By Design at Grand Designs 2014!!

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia would like to extend a huge congratulations to third year Interior Design student, Elise Convery!!

Judged by Kevin McCloud, Peter Maddison and Shaynna Blaze, Elise’s winning concept was chosen, constructed and presented at this years Grand Designs Live at Sydney Exhibition Centre. Elise’s design looked at maximizing the living environment within a studio style apartment by playing with spatial areas and privacy!

A huge thanks must be said to Dulux, Stylecraft, Bruynzeel, Todd Williams Building & Carpentry, Sheridan and Sealy for the assistance and support you provided Elise.

Elise has won a trip to Britain’s Grand Design’s next year!


Join Whitehouse in Support of our 2014 Graduating Students at our Graduate Exhibition & Parade!

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia is marking its 26th year of excellence in design education with a celebration of design thinking, creativity and innovation, and a showcase of the work of graduating students from across Creative Direction, Fashion and Interior Design!

Our Sydney and Melbourne graduating students will exhibit their final collections from each of our specializations to supportive family, friends, alumni and staff.

Get your ticket today! Tickets are available by following the links below, for further event information contact Whitehouse on 1300 551 433 or head to!

Sydney Ticket Links:

Monday Evening –

Tuesday Evening –

Matinee –

Melbourne Ticket Links

Wednesday Evening –

Thursday Evening –

Matinee –


Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia tours the Hermes Festival Des Metiers!


How To Build Your Creative Portfolio!

Your creative portfolio is your passport to success in the design industry. It introduces not only yourself as a designer but also your experience, breadth of talent, range of interests and your personal approach to design. Here are 5 tips and tricks to give your Creative Portfolio the competitive edge it needs to help land your dream job!

1. Introduce Yourself

It may sound obvious, but having an introduction page allows you to set the tone of the portfolio to follow, and also gives you an opportunity to include personal influences, your goals and objectives etc. Keep in mind however that you are introducing yourself and your experience in design and not writing a biography.

2. Include A Range of Your Work

Being able to showcase skill and experience in a number of fields will demonstrate your flexibility and ability in design. For example, if you are not only talented at illustration but also photo editing, your portfolio will need to reflect this. Allow your portfolio to showcase multiple skills and provide context for each example for the reader to reference.

3. Let Your Designs and Examples Speak for Themselves

“People start reading when they’re interested and stop reading when they’re not’ – Jim Mullen. As Mullen perfectly states, words are incredibly powerful but if not used wisely, can distract from the purpose of your portfolio! Don’t be afraid to include bodies of text but only if the text relates to the image.

4. Stay Relevant

Don’t look at your portfolio as a record of your work, instead it should look to the future and show off what you are capable of doing. Try and resist overloading your portfolio with old or irrelevant examples. Everything you choose to showcase in your creative portfolio must have a purpose and a reason for being included. By regularly editing your portfolio and tailoring it to a specific objective, you will maintain a fresh collection of previous work whilst avoiding a disjointed, aged or disconnected portfolio.

5. Show it off!

Once you are happy with your portfolio and the work you have included, get a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion before releasing it into the world. Asking for advice from third parties will allow you to get an external perspective and insight into how the portfolio is presented and what it says about your design skill and also yourself as a designer!

We offer a 2 day Portfolio Development Workshop scheduled for this coming November the 13th and 14th! Learn effective layout and mounting techniques develop some original pieces for your portfolio and give your portfolio a competitive edge! To find out more, head to or give us a call on 1300 551 433 to find out more!


Whitehouse Catches Up With 2008 Advanced Diploma Fashion Graduate, Mariam Seddiq!

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia caught up with Mariam Seddiq, 2008 Advanced Diploma Fashion Graduate, to see where she is at in the creative world and she has some great advice for our  current Whitehouse students:

What have you learnt about the industry and yourself whist studying at Whitehouse?

I learnt that it is extremely hard to gain a design job in today’s society and that you really need to excel when you are an intern whilst studying. Studying and working in the industry at the same time is crucial.

What you gained from your time at Whitehouse, how did Whitehouse support you?

Undertaking  post graduate studies at the Accademia Italiana Arte Moda in Florence,  Italy was the best thing that has ever happened to me and that opportunity was given to me because of an Agreement that Whitehouse has with the Accademia and my amazing teachers at the time saw my potential. I hope they are proud of themselves as they are a big part of my journey!

Any competitions or events you were involved in during/after you time at Whitehouse?

I entered any competition that came my way and never let any slip by. I was a finalist many times. I was 2 finalists in one show which chose designers from all over the world and they chose me twice because I submitted 2 collection in the hope to get one in and I got both which was amazing! I won the becks bier competition and had my artwork displayed with Australia’s best known designers. The artwork got auctioned off for the Tsunami and I was ranked number 10 out of 82 artworks. Competitions help you grow and make new friends in the industry. See below link to my blog to view the results.

10th Anniversary Mercedes Fashion Week – Marie Claire Tsunami Designer Canvas Project


“”The Marie Claire Mercedes Australian Fashion Week Designer Canvas Project raised almost $30, 000, which was a fantastic result!

Whilst the full list of artworks cannot be released and the amounts they were sold for, I am pleased to see that the Mariam Seddiq artwork sold for $750.20 and went for the 10th highest figure. With a total of 82 canvases auctioned off, this is a great result. “”……… Marie Claire Magazine staff member 2008

Listed below are the top 20 artworks:

1.      Jayson Brunsdon artwork

2.      Alannah Hill artwork

3.      Trelise Cooper artwork

4.      Tea Rose artwork

5.      Mouth artwork

6.      Alex Perry artwork ( x 3)

7.      Toni Maticevski artwork

8.      From St Xavier artwork

9.      Akira artwork

10.  Mariam Seddiq artwork

11.  Chloe Maxwell artwork

12.  Mimco artwork

13.  Nicola Finetti artwork

14.  sass & bide artwork

15.  Mary Shackman artwork

16.  Ericaamerica artwork

17.  Easton Pearson artwork

18.  Schwarzkopf Professional artwork

19.  Wayne Cooper artwork

20.  World artwork

Life after Whitehouse, what are you doing now?

Working full time as an assistant buyer and working full time on my label and lots of new projects. 7 days and 7 nights!

Any advice to current students studying at Whitehouse?

Listen and learn haha…… Life is very different in the after life!

Keep up with Mariam’s exciting journey through Fashion Design by keeping a close eye on her website and to read the rest of the interview, click here:


Whitehouse Catches Up With 2013 Creative Direction & Styling Graduate Amy Wright

It was Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia’s Creative Direction & Styling 2013 Graduate Amy Wright’s final work that caught the eye of the owner and creative director at Cue Clothing Co / Veronika Maine, resulting in Amy landing a job in their Head Office. We asked Amy about her time studying at Whitehouse, and her advice to any current Whitehouse design students:

What did you gained from your time at Whitehouse and how did Whitehouse support you?

“The teachers were great and really supportive. Uni was stressful and often hectic, but this taught me to multitask and perform under pressure. Compiling the creative process journals were also beneficial in hindsight – in the real world you often don’t have the time to exercise this creative freedom – it taught me to quickly streamline my ideas and execute them with finesse and tentative thought”.

What you learnt about the industry and yourself whist studying at Whitehouse?

“Meeting people and gaining industry experience is crucial. While it might seem difficult or unmanageable, it is truly beneficial to undertake as much work experience as you can during Uni, as it definitely helps delineate you from other candidates when applying for jobs after Uni”.

Any competitions or events you were involved in during/after you time at Whitehouse?

“My final work was nominated for the Top Four in my year group. During Whitehouse I was also doing a lot of freelance styling in my spare time and had several shoots published in small print and online magazines. It was actually my final work at Whitehouse which caught the eye of the Owner and Creative Director at Cue Clothing Co / Veronika Maine where I now work in the head office”.

Life after Whitehouse, what are you doing now?

“Working in the head office of Cue Clothing Co. My role involves coordinating the online styling and content for both brands’ online stores and assisting in the creating online editorial and flat lay content for social media and EDMs. I have put my freelance work on hold to concentrate on this; however I plan to work overseas in the future”.

Any advice to current students studying at Whitehouse?

“Work as hard as you can. Much to my surprise, a lot of the computing aspects of the course have been extremely useful in so many ways – I would definitely recommend applying yourself in these classes and maximizing your time with the teacher”.


Jessica Andreatta Puts Her Best Foot Forward at Urge Footwear!

After graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia back in 2007, Jessica Andreatta has experienced great success, stepping into her current role as Creative Director at Northern Beaches label, Urge footwear as of September last year.

After studying Fashion Design, Jess began working in the Industry designing apparel before her eventual move to Urge. The skills learnt during her studies in garment construction and design enabled her to move into the world of footwear with a sound understanding of the processes involved when designing and developing a product from concept through to consumer.

The Vault Online recently interviewed Jess as part of their ‘Vault Insider’. Click through below to read the rest of the interview and to find out more about Jess’ growing success!

Congratulations on all your success from all at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia!